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Friday, May 17, 2013

The origin of Consumption Optional

Last year, I made a DVD called CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL which is a collection of commercials I found on VHS tapes my parents recorded from 1981-1984.  Here's a post Milwaukee Magazine made about my project:

As you may read in the article, my project was inspired in a major way by Joe Dante and the Found Footage Festival.  The latter were kind enough to let me serve as an opening act last December when they came through Milwaukee.  I've also been lucky to work with them on a few other side projects.  What is really neat is that I became friends with Joe and Nick essentially during their appearance on Host and Guest.  I'd seen them once before and bought DVDs from them, but Host and Guest was the first time that we'd ever really chatted.

So, maybe I'm a bit too sentimental but I think it is pretty cool to actually have audio of the beginning of our friendship.  That can be checked out here:

Landing Joe Dante on the program was a major deal to me.  If I could, I would love to talk with him for hours and hours because I think he is fascinating.  Sadly, we had a time constraint and recorded in a restaurant that was far too noisy for my liking.  The episode doesn't even scratch the surface of everything I'd  want to talk with him about, but his MOVIE ORGY was the main driving force behind CONSUMPTION OPTIONAL and what I was trying to do with my silly little movie.

Host and Guest continues to be the most erratically updated podcast around, but I guarantee at least a few episodes this year.  Thanks for your continued support of this show.

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