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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

Dear listeners,

There is no episode this week due to a frantic past two weeks of working where I have not had the chance to venture out into the world of comedians and musicians. I had recorded a five minute "Host and Guestless" episode, but decided that it really was of no value and I did not want to diminish the entity of "Host and Guest". From my vantage point, I don't foresee another break happening until April, but it all boils down to which guests I'm able to get on the show. Worst case scenario, maybe we'll take a breather every eight to ten weeks.

But, if you are feeling empty, head on over to http://internetsmaximumpotential.blogspot.com/ and listen to the entire series Drew Steck and I made earlier this year. Each episode is just over an hour, so it is substantially longer.

Be sure to enjoy your Thanksgiving. My big advice is to not eat a whole lot on Wednesday, because it enhances the enjoyment of eating so much on Thursday and Friday. Just my two cents.

Talk to you next week,
Rick Katschke

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